Why you should contact a loan counselor

To apply for a loan, a loan or any other Loan product that meets a liquidity requirement it is convenient to contact a Loan advisor . What are the reasons behind this choice? Who is the figure of the Loan counselor? Let’s find out in this useful guide.

Loan Advisor: who is it?

To apply for a loan or a loan, each Loan consumer can evaluate different ways: the first, the most obvious one, is to contact his bank . A second way is represented by the evaluation of the commercial offers available on the telematic channel and a third road, the most convenient, is to rely on a Loan advisor.

Also known as the Loan Broker or Loan broker is an intermediary who puts the bank and the customer contact. The Loan Advisor assists and lends his advice to the consumer who wishes to obtain a loan and / or loan. A good Loan broker must be able to offer the most suitable and most convenient product to meet customer needs.

How to recognize a serious and reliable Loan counselor?

Before relying on the professional figure of the Loan counselor, it is necessary to assess whether it is regularly registered in the list of Loan mediators held by the bank , the agency of agents and mediators.

Already from the first contact with the consultant, the customer has the opportunity to know him and put his trust in him. In this first phase, a good Loan professional must immediately understand the real needs of the client and his expectations. The intermediary must be able to respond to any consumer doubt and must prove to be competent, professional and have a good knowledge of the sector in which it operates.

The Loan Advisor must be independent and must act in the interests of the client , offering him the best solution available on the market.

It is advisable to avoid contacting intermediaries that require cash advances: the good Loan counselor claims his fee at the end of the transaction.

In addition, you should be wary of advisers who propose to forge income documentation to obtain a loan and / or a loan. The crime of fraud is attributable both to the intermediary and to the consumer.

With regard to costs , it should be noted that the fee of the Loan Advisor is established according to the complexity of the service provided. Commissions are between 1% and 2% of the amount borrowed. In cases where the practice is complex, it is possible to reach 3%.