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What advantages does a loan with bad credit offer me?

The microloans are, like the personal loans, the loan cards or the discovered in the account, one more option of financing to which we can resort when we need it. If, for example, an unforeseen event arises that we can not cover with the money we have saved, the microloan is a simple and quick way to get the necessary cash to pay for it.

The economic crisis that broke out in our country in 2007 has resulted in many families suffering economic difficulties to make ends meet. In this context, microloan became a very effective alternative to combat the economic problems of these people and provide them with immediate liquidity.

Nowadays, in the middle of the economic recovery phase, the microloan is still a valid tool for those who need economic resources quickly and with little paperwork. There are many advantages that GreenDay Loans can offer us.

Main advantages:

  1. It allows solving specific liquidity problems or financing specific projects that do not require a large capital without the need to go to a financial institution to request a loan.
  2. Because the amounts are usually not too large, the return of the microloan can be very convenient, both in installments and in installments.
  3. For entrepreneurs, it is an immediate means of financing, so they can resort to it without having to stop a project.
  4. Most do not require guarantees or guarantees of any kind for their concession, so we do not have to commit any other person from our environment to sign us as a guarantor.
  5. They are an excellent financing alternative when it is not possible to access traditional methods.
  6. The interest rate of these is lower than that of other financing products.
  7. There are many types of microloans in the market depending on the group to which they are destined: youth, women, entrepreneurs …
  8. The process of applying for a microloan is quick, simple and with little paperwork. In addition, they can be requested online from the sofa at home.
  9. Immediate availability of money in the current account once the microloan is approved.

As you see, everything is advantages. We are at the forefront of microloans and that is why we can offer you up to 300 euros without interest and without commissions if it is the first time you come to us. To do this, remember that the only thing we demand is that you reside in Spain, be over 21 years old, have a Spanish DNI / NIE and be the holder of a bank account in Spain.

Once your loan is approved, we will transfer your money in less than 15 minutes. There is no small print, we make it that simple.